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What we do and how we achieve it

Instead of  ‘re-creating the wheel’, the committee of Aussies for Orphans (AFO) made a decision to support ‘in country’ oganisations to do what they do best; support the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.

AFO is committed to funding culturally appropriate, sustainable projects that support the needs of children, within their culture and their wider community. We strive to work alongside the ‘in country’ organisations in order to foster sustainable growth and to support long term projects rather than providing only welfare/short term funding.

We do this by providing funds to support infrastracture and programs within existing organisations who have proven they are working successfully in the best interest of children.

We have a group of dedicated volunteers and we are always on the look out for for other people who would like to give their talents and time to our cause. So if you are wondering if you can help. Yes you can!!

AFO’s prime objective is to guarantee that 100% of all tax deductible donations go directly to AFO’s nominated projects. Administration costs do not come out of donated funds. Our minimal administration costs (yes they do exist) are often self funded or chanelled from specific fundraising activities.

All donations to Aussies for Orphans are tax deductible.

AFO raises funds for our projects through;

– individual, group and corporate sponsorship;

– fundraising activities;

– donations

– grants;

and whatever else we can think of to raise funds.

All AFO projects (predominantly with an Australian connection) are thoroughly assessed  before any funds are committed.

– Each project is visited by an AFO committee representative, initally and on an ongoing basis (trips are self funded).

– Each project must complete a detailed application prior to funding being approved and enter into a funding contract once approval is granted..

AFO has successfully completed seven projects for children and their communities in five countries. Through these projects we have demonstrated a commitment to providing children with safe accommodation. nutritious food, safe drinking water, education, medical assistance, life skills support and love.

AFO provides all donors with quality feedback on monies spent.

An ‘in country’ contact & an AFO representative will personally supervise all distribution of funds and provide reports and photographic evidence on all projects.