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Sri Lanka

Matara Sanitation

Location: Matara, Sri Lanka

2003 – Sue and Steve were invited by the Mayor of Matara, Sri Lanka to visit the local school for deaf and blind children with the hopes of them being able to provide some assistance. They were treated to a procession put on by local children to celebrate their visit to the school “the amazing thing was that although the kids were deaf and blind they were able to play marching music during the procession.”

The school was in desperate need of a new toilet block, as sanitary conditions were becoming a huge issue and disease a real threat. With support of the local aid worker they were able provide the funds to build a new toilet block for the school.

Home of Hope

Location: Sri Lanka, Near Kandy

Our first major project was to build a home for boys directly affected by the tsunami. The project is in Kandy is and operated  by ‘Home of Hope.

This project holds special meaning for Steve and Sue and their family and as not only was it their first major project but it was due the fact that they were in Sri Lanka at the time of the Tsunami in 2004 and were so thankful that they along with their own children escaped the devastation that they decided to help Home of Hope and provide much needed accommodation for some of the many orphaned children.

The Home provides: care for children of single parents and orphans. care and nurturing to children who are affected by civil war and other calamities, trauma counseling with love and security, education and vocational training .24 hour care residential homes with fulltime staff and facilities.

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