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New Hope

This is a project that many people in our area,(especially Lennox Head) are very familiar with. Robyn MacIntyre a Lennox local and ex principal of Lennox Head primary school, introduced us to New Hope.

 AFO and all our wonderful donors have funded a classroom in their new school and we are also funding through our coffee for life donations the teachers salaries, classroom supplies, school uniforms and a protein snack for 140 kindy kids each day. As many of you know this is a very worthy project, and is supported by a wonderful local team and volunteers from all over the world.

If you would like to have a look at the other work they are doing near Siem Reap then visit

This Life

This Life Cambodia is a project run by another amazing Aussie ‘Billy Gorter’and his equally amazing team.

 ‘TLC’ has a major focus on education and sustainability. They provide technical advice and support to individuals, communities and non-profit organisations in Cambodia.

Steve, Janelle and Ashley, from AFO visited TLC in 2009 whilst on their trip to Cambodia. AFO have provided funding for two of their projects.

‘Light up a life with Solar’

In this program we have provided funding for solar lamps to students and families that are disadvantaged and have no electricity. Most children have household responsibilities, such as tending to livestock during the day, the only time available to study or do homework is in the evening hours. Most families rely on battery – generated power, poor kerosene or candle lighting, which is most often used for domestic activities.

The lack of good lighting makes it really hard for the child to study and learn. Providing solar lamps will help enormously and will mean so many more kids stay in school and the family will benefit from the extra light.

‘Life Behind Bars’

Another program run by TLC that we at AFO have been able to support.

Because of the poverty  and corruption in Cambodia, many children are forced to steal food and small items in order to eat or help support their family. We are told that most of the children that are caught are being held in prison (pre-trial incarceration they call it) without legal assistance and with no support. In some circumstances, as with Siem Reap prison, boys as young as 12yrs are being housed in with the adult prisoners and we are sure we don’t need to embelish on the repercussions of this. Their families more often than not, don’t have enough money to visit their child in prison. We have been told by TLC representatives that the cells are only 5’ x 7’ and hold as many as 15 prisoners, so they have to take turns at sleeping. Can you imagine? These are not like Australian or other western prisons.

In supporting TLC we give these children a chance to learn a trade so that they can lead fulfilling lives when they get out of jail, and so they can help support their families. AFO have funded the costs of running this program for the next 12 months. We are currently looking at ways to fundraise and support this project for the next 12 months.

For more information visit their website.


In December 2013 twenty three people from the Northern rivers of NSW visited and donated funds to Yodifee and provided a Christmas lunch, gifts and a party for over 500 disabled children. The kids put on a wonderful show for us.